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Then our holiday cottage is the perfect place for you!

Spend your holidays in our historic monument – a vacation you will never forget!
You will feel like in a museum - but not in an old-fashioned sense. You will enjoy a romantic and cosy place. Lean back and enjoy the "Gemütlichkeit“(warmth and friendliness).

We have restored and renovated the house over a long period of time, using the traditional materials and technique, avoiding anything harmful. At the same time we made sure that you don't miss the comfort and amenities of today's life.
We are nature loving people. You will not find an English lawn for playing cricket at our place, but wild flowers and mossy cobblestones.
We, your hosts Iryna Denys and Bernd Hartmann, are living in close vicinity and will always stay at your disposal for help and advice.
We have a wide range of hobbies: Hiking, Free-climbing, Cycling, Skiing, collecting mushrooms and many more. We also appreciate culture.

Visit us in Hahnenbach. Our holiday cottage is classified with three stars (DTV – German Tourist Association) for four people. We are happy to meet you.

Holiday Cottage
The holiday cottage is located in the historic centre of Hahnenbach, a village with an estimated 600 inhabitants. Until the beginning of the last century it was the place where the mayor had his residence and office. This might be a reason for the extraordinary ceiling height of 2,50 meters (more than eight feet) in the ground floor – unusual for buildings of this age and type.

The house was erected around 1750. It is a timber-framed building made from oak-timber with bays of straw and loam between the beams. This straw/loam is then plastered with a mix of chopped hay and loam and then painted over with a lime slurry.

The house was officially declared a heritage site. In a nationwide competition evaluating the authenticity of restoring, the house made it till the final selection of ten monuments. The cottage combines historic charm with modern comfort. The historic kitchen, still with a functioning ancient wood-fired stove, is now used as a dining room.
  A small modern kitchen was newly incorporated in the former stable – just three steps from  the dining room. It contains a modern stove for cooking (including backing oven), fridge and microwave. Next door, in another room of the previous stable, you find a washing machine, dryer and iron.
In additional to a cosy wood-fired tiled stove in the living room the house is equipped with a modern central heating system using highly sophisticated heating elements. The bathroom is a masterpiece in style with tiles and wooden panels. It includes WC, bidet, washbasin, shower and ergonomically shaped tube for two. A second toilet is on the upper floor.
In addition to a sleeping room on the ground floor with a single bed you will find additional four rooms on the upper floor, one with a double and two with a single bed each. Of course, the rooms have wardrobes, pretty bedside tables and additional chairs. The fourth room provides another table and chairs, a big mirror and a small library.

The whole cottage has seven rooms on 94 square meter (112 square yard). The house is perfect to accommodate up to four persons.
The ceiling height of 2,50 meters (8,20 feed) on the ground floor is rather uncommon for a
  half-timbered house. Also the upper floor has an acceptable height exceeding two meters (about seven feet). The doors, however, have different highs – so watch your head! The steep stairs to the upper floor are equipped with a wooden handrail.
Also outside the house you can relax in a courtyard under wine grapes, rambler roses, a lime-tree and hazelnut trees.

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